Why China wants Tajikistan’s land? What’s the History Behind it.

Why China wants Tajikistan’s land? What’s the History Behind it.

Tajakistan in central asia.

Tajakistan is a small Central Asian Country with a population of 91 lakhs in Total.While the major population follows the Islamic Relegion the state is republic of tajakistan as it is a secular nation.

What is China’s claims?

China has pointed a territorial claim over 28500 sq. km (11000 sq. miles) of tajaks territory since 1884.

Incorporation of USSR.

The point to be noted here is when tajakistan was part of USSR people’s Republic of China never bothered to revoke there claim over it.

So Why Tajakistan is Under China’s Pressure.

After the breaking of USSR and the independence of tajakistan in the year 1991 tajakistan needed a lot of investment to grow its economy. China was very welcoming of this demand but sooner it started putting its claim on tajak’s land.

After a long debate the Government of tajakistan bowed down to china in year 2011 and gave away a lot of land to china.

Tajakistan Land Gift to China.

The foreign minister of Tajakistan said in a press release that after the parliamentary discussion the land sought by beijing which is 5.5% about 1000 sq. km is represented to China as asked.

BBC article in 2011.

For comparision the total size of mumbai is 603 sq km.

economic comparision GDP of tajakistan =$8.152 billion
GDP of Nepal =$29.813 billion dollars.

Points to be noted…..

Beijing holds more then half’s tajakistan 2.8 billion dollar debt which is equal to 35.5 percent of gross domestic product. In the past tajakistan has paid off debt to china by ceding mining rights to china, and even its 0.7 percent of land to china. After joining the road and belt initiative with china tajakistan has seen its trade imbalance with china grow from 12 percent to 22 prcent in year 2018.

The growing Chinese hunger.

For the past month the the peoples republic of China (prc) repeatedly posted a article by historian cho yao lu, who says that the entire pamir region belongs to china and it is the time that the chinese govt. should now reclaim it.

Pamir region which lies between tajakistan and china.

As of now the chinese army is already settled down in the represented land in tajakistan.

The washington post about chinese deployment.

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